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Nominated for the 'Deutscher Computerspielpreis'

Demo Track

Demo Track

E. Hartmann

Makis Adventure


Elder Kings II

Elder Kings

Die PietSmiet Chroniken - Teil 3

Leo - MrHamsterfresse

"His work, unlike most others', reflects his goal of serving his community over himself. And through this commitment, he delivers every time."

Jeremy McDonough

How I work in 3 steps



I will gather your requirements, goals, and preferences for your music and discuss the genre, instrumentation, mood, and other important aspects of the composition process.


Composition and Feedback

I will compose the music based on your requirements and creative vision, and provide you with a rough draft for feedback and revisions until the composition meets your expectations.


Mixing, Mastering, and Delivery

Once approved, I will mix and master the final music tracks to a professional standard and deliver them to you in the format you need, and provide additional services such as stems, instrumental versions, or alternate versions if required.

How much music can you get?

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Please note that the prices provided by this calculator are approximate and may vary based on the complexity and scope of the project and should not be considered as an offer.

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